30 May

My personal journey with MS

Like many people who get MS, I began experiencing unexplainable and terrifying symptoms such as tingling throughout my body, extreme weakness, paralysis, chronic fatigue, double vision, depression, inability to concentrate, and many others.

After forty years of these symptoms I've come to accept the unexpected. But I still want to know what was the cause of my MS..

One of the good things about having MS is that it has compelled me to ask some very fundamental questions. Questions such as: What is the purpose of my life? Why does illness and MS exist? And the most important one: Why did I get MS?

I learned that the human body is the most complex and wonderful creation in the Universe, and within it is an energy source. This energy source not only gives us form, and defines our unique character and personality, but life and meaning as well … let’s call it the Life Force. One aspect of the Life Force is its ability to disturb normal bodily functions after being overcome by extreme stress or a traumatic episode. It seems to me that MS could be caused, or at least worsened by, a disruption of my Life Force.  I know such an experience happened to me when I was eighteen years old. Two years later my first MS symptoms appeared.

When the body is overcome by extreme stress or a traumatic episode our Life Force can be disrupted, resulting in the disturbance of normal bodily functions. 

I believe there are multiple factors involved in causing MS, including genetic makeup and susceptibility; our geographic location, both today and where we grew up; the introduction of a pathogen, (possibly a virus, bacteria, etc.); and our environment (stress level, pollution, food, lifestyle, etc.). These all combine in such a way that our Life Force is compromised and we develop Multiple Sclerosis.

I also believe that by addressing these factors we can help to stop, or even reverse the onslaught of Multiple Sclerosis.

Managing MS – A Holistic Approach

Humans are the most complex and wonderful creations in the Universe and are comprised of a three-fold constitution:

The Body

Our physical body is an exquisite assemblage of living organ systems functioning together as a true miracle. For doctors and materialists, the body is viewed as merely a biochemical machine of carbon, calcium and other materials, made up of two-thirds water, and needing to be fixed when it breaks down.

We believe the body is much more than just a physical structure. It is a direct expression and extension of the Spirit and Mind. Not having the challenge of MS would certainly allow us an easier life, but believe it or not, it is our choice to have an ill or physically challenged body. Multiple Sclerosis is an opportunity to achieve maximum growth, and is a gift enabling us to realize our true divinity!

The Mind
Many think that the brain is the mind, but this is incorrect. The brain is a physical object that can be seen with the eyes, photographed, or operated on in surgery. The mind, on the other hand, is not a physical object. It cannot be seen, nor photographed, or repaired by surgery. We tend to think that the brain is the seat of the mind while in fact our consciousness and mind can be found throughout our body. The mind operates through the means of consciousness and is the way in which the Spirit, the Body and the world are linked.

The Spirit
The human spirit is the essence of every individual. It is the inner Source responsible for our existence. Only the physical body becomes old and feeble. The spirit remains forever young. Old age, infancy and youth, sickness and health, sorrows, joys, grief, and problems, are all things that pass, as do all external conditions and experiences of the world.

If we recognize the existence of our own spirit, old age, sorrow and suffering do not throw us into a state of fear, worry, or grief. If we can take a larger, holistic view of reality then the problems of life are manageable and we can realize our true selves.

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