What is Multiple Sclerosis

A neurological disorder affecting the insulation (myelin) surrounding nerves in the brain and spinal cord. Destruction of the myelin causes scar-like tissue (scleratic plaque) to form. This demyelination interferes with normal transmission of nerve impulses resulting in various symptoms. MS is considered to be an auto-immune disease.


How does Multiple Sclerosis manifest?

Even though MS is usually portrayed as a devastating disease, actually the majority of people with MS are not severely debilitated:
  • Most people are able to live relatively normal and healthy lives.
  • Some may experience only a few mild, fleeting symptoms.
  • Some may experience a series of attacks with partial or complete recoveries or remissions.
  • Some may experience symptoms that remain stable over many years
  • Some may experience symptoms that worsen quickly or gradually over time.
  • MS is often characterized by an erratic or unpredictable course.

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