Beyond MS Association claims

We are not Medical doctors but people who have successfully managed MS for over fifty years. We offer sensible advice to complement whatever your personal doctors or healers have suggested! We guarantee that if you adopt our suggestions your health will improve!

What is Multiple Sclerosis

A neurological disorder affecting the insulation (myelin) surrounding nerves in the brain and spinal cord. Destruction of the myelin causes scar-like tissue (scleratic plaque) to form. This demyelination interferes with normal transmission of nerve impulses resulting in various symptoms. MS is considered to be an auto-immune disease.

How does Multiple Sclerosis manifest?

Even though MS is usually portrayed as a devastating disease, actually the majority of people with MS are not severely debilitated!

  • Most people are able to live relatively normal and healthy lives.
  • Some may experience only a few mild, fleeting symptoms.
  • Some may experience a series of attacks with partial or complete recoveries or remissions.
  • Some may experience symptoms that remain stable over many years
  • Some may experience symptoms that worsen quickly or gradually over time.
  • MS is often characterized by an erratic or unpredictable course.