Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing and connecting to a higher source, whatever that is for you, is essential to the healing process. He says it is vital to completely surrender and trust that Source.

This healing is innately from your body/inner being and from your heart, and your body and inner being come from God, or Source. Once you surrender to it, it will give you the information that you never would, or could, have thought of alone.

 Surrendering to it opens the energies to receive the communications it is sending. If you try to control it or analyze it, you will find that this will block the energy.

Spiritual healing was Richard’s greatest step in the healing of his MS. When he searched his inner being for an answer to how he could heal, he was suddenly aware of the answer: God.

He then became aware that he knew nothing, and that the only answer was God.  He knew he had to connect with something bigger than himself and his immense fear.  Richard acknowledged that intellectually he knew nothing about how to heal his MS. However, he received a message from deep within, and “knew” that the disease was going to be healed.

He then completely surrendered the MS and all its symptoms, along with his fear, and handed it over to God. He immediately had the sensation of “letting go” and that everything was going to be okay.

Richard then began receiving information as to what he needed to do to heal the MS. The first message was that he needed to love the MS and all its symptoms. As he sent love to immerse his body, his whole being and the illness, he was energized by this love and began to feel himself lighten, open and heal.

This led Richard to understand the many things that needed healing in his life in order to heal the MS. Thus, it took four years to completely heal the MS.

He says that the energies of God and love are the strongest spiritual energy healings that exist. Richard says that your body can’t not heal when it is saturated with these powerful and profound energies.

He feels that God or Source is THE healer. It doesn’t get any better or higher or truer than that. Richard strongly suggests that you find your spiritual path and go deeper and surrender into that immense truth for your healing process. Allow it to guide you to your truth of why you have this situation and what it is trying to teach you for the healing of your life.

Richard states: ” It will heal so much more than the illness, if you allow it.”