A World Treasure – Niagara Falls provides strength, cleansing and abundance

First the touristic scenery, almost made me drive back to Toronto even before reaching the falls. Then, reaching the falls, another great and positive surprise presented itself – I was impressed and touched. The longer I stayed the more impressed I was – with the constant stream of that amount of water running over the sides with such a deep and powerful fall creating a mist way higher than the fall it self.

It was an energy of constant renewal – like life no moment was the same. It was constantly new water, new energy, new shapes and colors as the wind carried the mist in different directions, as the sun or clouds were mirrored in the surface of the water and depending on the wind, the sun and the movement of the mist a beautiful rainbow marked itself on the sky… it was beautiful. At a certain point the mist came at my feet and so did the sun – so I was standing at the end of the rainbow and it felt amazing.

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen at Niagara Falls

I sat down at the side of the falls – with my back to the tourists and my face to the falls – I allowed my energies to blend with the in tire Niagara Falls and meditated – a strong meditation with strong feeling rolling over me – feeling the strength, the power, and the destruction of all old not useful any longer. I felt a strong sense of abundance, a cleansing, a detoxification of my energies… sensing the purpose of why to be here at the beginning of my “Treasure – Change the World Tour”.

Treasuring Niagara Falls - The Treasure How to Change the World

Poseidon is known for safe travels and the ability to shake the world and we know it. Which is perfect for my tour and purpose. To be safe and to remind as many people as possible that we can change the world. Also do I wish to extend this energy to all of you starting a new life journey – whatever that may be in your lives.

Poseidon at Niagara Falls

I was truly enjoying the elements of the Niagara Falls: the water, the power, the strength but also the healing, nurturing and cleansing qualities of water which I believe are necessary if we want to change the world.


An Energistic Meditative Visualization you can do at home to experience some of the same energies:

Starting taking deep breaths – breathing out negativity and energies of no use in the next chapter of your life.                           For each breath, imagine yourself sit at the side of the falls and for each breath you take imagine a light filling you up from the inside of your heart and out. Slowly, for each breath, you feel the energies expand and blend with the air around you, with the mist created by the falls, and the water. Feel a part of the entire Fall – allowing your energies to be cleansed, fell the strength building up inside of you and a feeling of oneness with nature. Feeling at peace, having the feeling of rising above all current challenges and fears.  Allow yourself to feel safe, to feel that your world has been shaken, your worries has drifted away with the waters. Feel that your life has changed and that each breath you take change the world –                       feel the immense positive impact bouncing back and forth between you and the world…

Niagara Falls

Take care, feel abundant and be at peace.

Best of Energies,

Christel Rosenkilde Christensen