Overcome MS

Overcome MS

1) Assume personal responsibility for your own health!

By establishing a personal commitment to overcome MS then victory is halfway accomplished.
(Mind-body medicine is the most powerful resource at our availability).
Continue to work with doctors and other healers and take advantage of their expertise,
but never accept just one opinion as the absolute.



2) Diet and Nutrition

Reduce inflammation!

It is critically important that an MS person adopt a diet that redices inflammation, and is balanced and wholesome - a diet that is rich in the building blocks of a healthy body and healthy myelin! 

Use foods that are natural, organic, wholesome, and fresh.

Avoid inflammatory fatty foods - especially red meats that are highest in saturated fat content. If you must drink milk, use almond milk. 

Avoid refined foods, (especially wheat).and sugars (which rob the body of Vitamin B) if you must sweeten, use stevia.

Have a daily input of Omega 3, Pre and Probiotics, Vitamin B 50, and B 12, and essential fatty acids (flax-seed oil, olive oil, evening primrose oil). Take a daily multi-vitamin to provide missing nutrients. 

Even though it may be a challenge, drink plenty of water, (MS is considered a condition where the body is too dry. Drinking lots of water re-hydrates and purifies the human body).

3) Rest and Meditation

Rest is the basis for all health and activity. Rest is the most effective way the body has in repairing itself. Getting adequate sleep is fundamental to overcoming MS. Meditation can provide an even deeper rest than sleep. If you have a bout of total exhaustion a twenty minute Meditation can work wonders in restoring youir energy . All meditations are good!  but extensive scientific research has shown that TM is the most powerful tool anyone can use to improve his/her health.


3) Exercise and Yoga

Exercise is vital to good health! The ideal exercise would balance the whole human system, mind and body. It is also vital that exercise gives more energy than it takes, which is a concept foreign to most exercise programs. The gentle stretching of Yoga keeps anyone flexible and will help spasticity, flexibility, and pain. Also start a comfortable aerobic exercise program of walking, cycling, wheeling, or swimming. Activity is essential to help the body stay functional! This aerobic activity is a wonderful complement to yoga. It is critically important to stay as active as you can within your own potential – but be careful not to overdo it!



5) Learn to ground yourself!

Grounding, also called earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that “ground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth.

This practice relies on earthing science and grounding physics to explain how electrical chargesTrusted Source from the earth can have positive effects on your body.



6) Incorporate a healthy lifestyle.
Start to live a lifestyle that facilitates wellness: get plenty of rest; stop smoking; reduce your amount of coffee and alcohol consumed; enjoy more time in nature; get some sun and fresh air evert day; stay physically and mentally active (but don’t overdo it!); and engage in activities that bring joy to your life.

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