Cause & Cure

Cause and cure of MS

It is understood that MS is caused by damage to the myelin sheath, (the protective covering that surrounds nerve cells). When this covering is damaged, nerve signals slow down or stop. This is caused when the body's own immune cells attacks the Central nervous system. This can occur in any area of the brain, optic nerve or spinal cord. Traditionally it is unknown what exactly causes this to happen -.but the most common view is that a virus, or gene defect, or environment, or bacteria in the human digestive biome are to blame.

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The Cure for MS explained (the complete version).

How to recover and heal from multiple sclerosis (MS) using diet. In this video Dr John McDougall explains how autoimmune conditions and MS occur and teaches what diet to eat for multiple sclerosis. He also expands on the work of Dr Roy Swank in this video.

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Overcome MS

The six most essential things that you can do to immediately improve your health and a persons MS!

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